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What does report2vehicle do?

report2vehicle is a large archive of information about sold cars. We collect data on vehicles sold in the United States from various auction sites, dealership sites, or simply pages with ads.

Do I need to register to access the archive?

No, all information is publicly available. To search for the vehicle you are interested in, you can use the VIN search form

Is the information provided on the site reliable?

Usually, the information collected on our website is reliable, but due to technical difficulties in collecting information, information can sometimes happen to be false.

Can I get a full report on the vehicle?

Yes. We work with a partner who provides a complete report on the vehicles. You can find the "Check VIN" button and enter the 17-digit VIN of your vehicle to search for a report.

What will I get in the full report on the vehicle?

The full report contains information about the vehicle with records of its damages, past sales, accident participation, technical specifications and other useful information for safe vehicle purchases.